• New issue of HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology (12.1) online

    Jürgen/ Renn
    De Gruyter Presentation text
    New issue of HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology online
    HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed open access journal, available online, published in english by De Gruyter, as a result of a partnership between four portuguese research units (CIUHCT, CIDEHUS, Institute for Social Sciences, and Institute of Contemporary History).
    • Opening (...)

  • Nineteenth-century survey sciences: enterprises, expeditions and exhibitions

    Simon Schaffer and Simon Naylor Publisher
    Royal Society Publishing Presentation text This special issue co-ordinates a newly comparative and synthetic approach to some of the principal early nineteenth-century survey sciences prosecuted by British practitioners, including geomagnetism, geographical exploration, navigation, meteorology and the survey of imperial possessions. The essays attend to the conduct of large-scale nineteenth-century surveys across a range of domestic (...)

  • Luminous Creatures:The History and Science of Light Production in Living Organisms

    Michel Anctil Publisher
    McGill-Queen’s University Press Presentation text Naturalists in antiquity worked hard to dispel fanciful ideas about the meaning of living lights, but remained bewildered by them. Even Charles Darwin was perplexed by the chaotic diversity of luminous organisms, which he found difficult to reconcile with his evolutionary theory. It fell to naturalists and scientists to make sense of the dazzling displays of fireflies and other organisms. In Luminous (...)

  • The Experimental Imagination: Literary Knowledge and Science in the British Enlightenment

    Tita Chico Publisher
    Stanford University Press Presentation text Challenging the "two cultures" debate, The Experimental Imagination tells the story of how literariness came to be distinguished from its epistemological sibling, science, as a source of truth about the natural and social worlds in the British Enlightenment. Tita Chico shows that early science relied on what she calls literary knowledge to present its experimental findings. More radically, she contends that (...)

  • The Subtle Knot: Early Modern English Literature and the Birth of Neuroscience

    Lianne Habinek Publisher
    McGill-Queen’s University Press Presentation text In the early modern period, poetic form underpinned and influenced scientific progress. The language and imagery of seventeenth-century writers and natural philosophers reveal how the age-old struggle between body and soul led to the brain’s emergence as a curiosity in its own right. Investigating the intersection of the humanities and sciences in the works of authors ranging from William Shakespeare (...)