• 1st ESHS Conference, Maastrich 2004

    Science in Europe and Europe in Science: 1500-2000
    Maastricht, 4-6 November 2004
    From 4-6 November 2004, an international conference “Science in Europe and Europe in Science: 1500-2000†will be held in Maastricht (the Netherlands), exploring new European perspectives on the history and historiography of science. The conference is jointly organized by Gewina (Dutch Society for the History of Science, Medicine, Mathematics and Technology) and the European Society for the History of Science. (...)

  • 2nd ESHS Conference, Cracow 2006

    The Global and the Local: History of Science and Cultural Integration of Europe (Cracow, 09/2006) Aims
    The conference is planned as an important happening within a series of initiatives aimed at creating a European community in the history of science. The first conference of the ESHS, held in Maastricht, 4 – 6 November 2004, set the tone, and the society now looks forward to building on the achievements of that conference in a gathering that will bring together scholars from all parts of (...)

  • 3rd ESHS Conference, Vienna 2008

    Styles of Thinking in Science and Technology
    In 1994 the late Alistair Crombie published his monumental work “Styles of Scientific Thinking in the European Tradition”. He distinguished between six “styles of inquiry, demonstration and explanation diversified by their subject-matters, by their general conceptions of nature, and by scientific experience” (publisher’s prospectus): postulation, the experimental argument, hypothetical modelling, taxonomy, probabilistic and statistical analysis, (...)

  • 4th ESHS Conference, Barcelona 2010

    The circulation of Science and Technology Visit the Conference website
    Historiography has recently acknowledged that circulation of ideas and techniques plays a central role in the understanding of their evolution. Given that science and technology are international achievements, their dissemination could be the most distinctive element in their construction. Circulation is not a simple change of geographical place; it carries with it epistemological and philosophical changes as a result (...)

  • 5th ESHS Conference, Athens 2012

    Scientific cosmopolitanism and local cultures: religions, ideologies, societies
    Visit the Conference website hosted by the History, Philosophy and didactics of Science Programme