Circulating gender in contemporary science: Women scientists and gendered research objects


María Jesús Santesmases
Ana Romero de Pablos


This session expects contributions about travels and shifts experienced by woman scientists as well as by gendered scientific objects in the history of science during the long, influential twentieth century. The aim is to investigate the concepts of circulation for a feminist epistemology of the sciences that focuses on the permanent movement and travels of women and gendered objects in history of science. We are interested in tackling the issue of exploring experiences in the laboratory, the field and the factory. We propose to share studies on the circulation of knowledge and practices, their journeys and shifts. By following the movement of women’s scientific practices from one place to another, from one time to another, we aim to demonstrate their permanent presence in the contemporary sciences, institutions and laboratories, and the extent to which gender moved with them attached to their research objects, teaching duties and socio-professional practices.

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Decembre 13, 2017