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The Special Issue


Scuffles, Scoops and Scams. The Construction of Prehistoric Knowledge in Newspapers


August 2016, Volume 58, Issue 3, p. 135-256, edited by: Oliver Hochadel, Miquel Carandell Baruzzi, Clara Florensa


“‘Scuffles, Scoops and Scams’ comprises the nucleus of the dossier dedicated to ‘The Construction of Prehistoric Knowledge in Newspapers.’ They offer sensational news about our origins, and provide the human drama of success and failure of the researchers. They feature large egos involved in violent clashes and tell stories of fraud and exposure. The field of human origins research may be considered one of the most instructive cases to demonstrate the inadequacy of the traditional top-down-model in scientific communication. This special issue aims at taking a principled and systematic look at this intimate connection between prehistory and the press.”


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