(May 2018) IDTC International & Interdisciplinary Colloquium RMW.I 2018 Reading Minor Works "Bordering" on Exact Sciences: Historical and Nature of Science Perspectives​

Organising institution

IDTC in collaboration with EDSHS, STL, Lille University, France


Raffaele Pisano (Lille University, France), Shahid Rahman (Lille University, France)

Dates and time of the event

2018, 17th May

Place of the event

Lille University, France


How did the works of the in history so-called "minor scientists" contributed to the scientific discoveries and frameworks? (But not limited)
Interdisciplinary Approach
History of Physics, History of Mathematics, Foundations of Physics, Foundations of Mathematics, History and Historical Epistemology of Sciences, Intellectual History, History of Ideas, Philosophy of Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, History and Philosophy of Science, Logic, Chemistry, Teaching-Learning, Nature of Science, Pedagogy, Critical attitude, Science without Frontiers



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