New Historical and Epistemological Insights Homage to Gottfried W. Leibniz 1646-1716. With a foreword by Eberhard Knobloch


Raffaele Pisano, Michel Fichant, Paolo Bussotti


London College Publications

Presentation text

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (1646-1716) has a prominent worldwide place in the history of scientific thought, from mathematics, logic, physics to the astronomy and engineering. In 2016, both his birth and death have been commemorated. Given both the influence by Leibniz on Western sciences & philosophies and his polyhedricity scientific activities, this special book chosen to focus on Leibniz’s scientific works. In particular, exploring Leibniz’s intellectual matrix and heritage within interdisciplinary fields, it presents contributions from leading experts on the subject and offers much-needed insights into the subject from scientific, historical, philosophical and nature of science perspectives. It also provides authoritative introductions to scholarly contributions, which are often dispersed in journals and books not easily accessible to every reader. Therefore, this volume also contains excellent chapters on topics which, generally speaking, have their place in any rounded science, history and philosophy. It provides an absorbing and signifi cant reading for historians, philosophers and scientists alike.