The Image of Science in Russia and the USSR


Elinor Shaffer, School of Advanced Study, University of London
George Levit, Institute of Biology, Kassel University
Anna Samokish, St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Science


The panel will be devoted to the topic of how an image of science
is formed through the perceptions of society.
The means and mode of acceptance of science by society is
one of the most important research areas for historians. Science cannot exist
in a vacuum; its fate depends on how it is perceived by
society, how it is governed by authorities, and the success of its
practical applications.We propose that the panellists address the question of
how the development and achievements of the natural sciences were
perceived by society in Russia and in the Soviet Union. Of particular interest
is how scientific achievements were reflected in the periodical press, and in school
and university textbooks;and how the authorities reacted to different theories,
revealing how the relation to a theory can divide or unite not only specialists
but members of the general public. Especially vital
were the methods of education in the natural sciences and the modes of
perception of scientific knowledge during the tragic periods of the first post-
revolutionary years and the period of Lysenkoism.

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